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Cleaners Available in Marcham
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Who we are
Helpwiz is an online marketplace for domestic cleaners. Cleaners list on Helpwiz, and provide us with details about when and where they're available, and how much they charge. We then let the client choose and book a cleaner, without any upfront cost to either the cleaners or the clients.
Trust and Security
With Helpwiz, you don't need to worry about who you're letting into your home. We check the identities, right-to-work status and criminal records for all cleaners on the site. In the unlikely event of any damages, we compensate up to £1000.
Choice and Transparency
With Helpwiz, you choose your cleaner - we don't assign you one. Upfront, before you book, you can see each cleaner's price, their reviews, their rating, and the times when they're free. Then you just book the cleaner you want. Cleaners are reviewed only by other Helpwiz clients.
Absolute Convenience
On Helpwiz, you can book a cleaner, right here, right now. You don't have to post a job and wait for a cleaner to get back. Want to cancel or rearrange a booking? You can do so at any time. No need to get anyone on the phone, or send emails - manage everything right here on Helpwiz.
Fairness in our DNA
A typical cleaning company has huge overheads - some companies charge more than £14 an hour, but pay their cleaners less than £9. This isn't fair.

On Helpwiz, our typical commission is less than half of other platforms, which includes all payment charges as well. So when you pay your cleaner through us, you know where the money is going.
A convenient, secure choice
Security is Key
We take security seriously. All your sensitive details are encrypted. Relevant details will only be shared with your cleaner once you have booked with them. We neither store, nor access to your payment details at any point - they are securely stored with our payments provider (a division of PayPal).

In addition, all our cleaners are subject to identity checks, right-to-work checks and criminal records checks, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you aren't letting unsavoury people into your home.

We will never sell or otherwise pass on your details or contact information to anyone.
Fair and Transparent
Traditionally, cleaning companies and franchise operators have taken a huge cut of what cleaners make — often close to 50%. We believe that the people doing the work should get to keep the money they make. Our cleaning partners keep up to 90% of what they make.

We also believe that cleaners should be free to charge what their services are worth - unlike many companies, we don't set the prices, our cleaning partners do. We don't pretend that everyone has a "5 star rating" - on Helpwiz, all ratings are genuine, given by past and present customers. We will never review one of our cleaning partners ourselves.

We also don't dictate when or where our cleaning partners should work. Instead, they have a completely free choice about the areas they work, the times they work, and their schedule.