Information For Cleaners

Working as an independent cleaner has never been easier. With Helpwiz, all you have to do is sign up. Once your registration is complete, you are officially listed on the website and work starts flowing in.


Working for a cleaning company or independently? On Helpwiz you can make more money. You decide what your work is worth and set your hourly rate.
Typical rates are from £10 to £12 an hour:
£10 an hour can get you £367 a week.*
£12 an hour can get you £441 a week.*
*After commission and payment charges, assuming a 6 day week, 7 hours of work per day.


As a cleaner, advertising your work can be hard and costly. By listing with Helpwiz you immediately expose yourself to a large targeted market. You will be advertised specifically to clients seeking cleaners in your preferred work area and only if you are available to do it.
Helpwiz clients are encouraged to review their cleaners after each cleaning session. By accumulating positive ratings and reviews you increase your visibility and popularity.
Highly rated cleaners get more work and they can charge more money.

Business Management

On Helpwiz you have full control over your business. You set your preferred work schedule. You can work as many days a week as you wish, and any hours. You decide what you want to charge per hour and you have full control over your calendar.
To make life easier, Helpwiz provides you with the tools you need to run your small cleaning business. From communicating with clients and processing your payments to generating reports that give you detailed view of your workload, rating and income. We also provide schedule management and communication tools to make managing a cleaning business as simple and automatic as possible.

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